Residential Property

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A number of BUW churches have properties that are separate from the Chapel and Vestry buildings – buildings such as a Chapel House or Manse. These buildings can be very valuable in providing Ministers, individuals and families with a home and will often form part of the terms of work arranged between the Church and the worker. Naturally, therefore, a responsibility falls on Church officials to arrange for someone to take responsibility for ensuring that the rented building is safe and of an acceptable standard for those living in it. This requires registration for a Landlord’s Certificate.

To ensure that all owners and tenants are protected the Welsh Government has established a service that provides advice and sets out guidelines and rules to follow.

If a Church receives rent as a payment for living in a building in their ownership, then it must be registered as a Landlord.  “Rent Smart Wales” is the department that manages the service and operates in order to comply with the Private Rented Housing Regulation Order act.  Rent Smart Wales supports those who let or manage rented properties in Wales and provides advice on renting safe and healthy homes. It  also processes landlord registrations, issues licenses and provides training for Landlords.

For further information please visit the Rent Smart Wales website.

If you have any further concerns about your church’s residential property please do not hesitate to contact us at