Help & Advice for Leaders

Sometimes, things go wrong, or we hit a problem where we simply need help and/or advice.  Whilst we believe in the sovereignty of each local Church we also believe that no one Church or Minister should be isolated. Baptist Churches are therefore organised into geographical groups known as ‘Associations’ of which there are eleven in the Baptist Union of Wales.

In the first instance, therefore, the Association is often the best place to seek help and advice.  Each Association has a Superintendent who is usually an experienced Minister.  Associations also have other Officers who can be called upon for help and advice as appropriate.

If further help is needed, then the Baptist Union of Wales is always available to help and, as well as the General Secretary, Director of Mission and Ministry Coordinator, there are others who can assist, for example, in matters relating to church buildings and trusteeships.  

Specialist Support

If Ministers or members of their household are experiencing particular difficulties in regard to their mental health or wellbeing, the Baptist Union of Wales offers support through two agencies:   

  • Cynnal – a free confidential bilingual counselling service available throughout Wales for all members of the Clergy, Ministers of Religion and their families:
  • The Churches Ministerial Counselling Service – an English language network of professional counsellors operating in Wales (and the rest of the UK) offering subsidised support to ministers and their families:

Policies and Procedures

The Baptist Union of Wales has a code of conduct and good practice for accredited ministry, which also includes a complaints procedure: