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Missional prayer

The world, and our realities for ministry and mission, continues to change uncomfortably quickly. So it is essential that we undergird everything with prayer. 

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Ministry in the City Centre

‘I wasn’t looking to leave my work here’ says Rosa over coffee in a café in the village of Tonteg on the outskirts of Cardiff. ‘I think I had expected that I would stay here until I retired, to be honest! This is where we live as a family – we feel part of the community.’ But God opened a different door…

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Pioneering in Knighton and Knucklas

Nestled in a deep valley on the Wales/ England border is the town of Knighton (Trefyclo) with a population of 3000 or so souls, and further up the same valley lies the village of Knucklas. This is the home of Knighton and Knucklas Baptist church, which…

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