Pathways is a course run by Cardiff Baptist College that enables people in Wales to deepen their understanding of faith and practice and to develop skills in ministry and mission. It might be that you are seeking to be a recognised Church leader in preaching or pastoral care. It might be you have a particular interest in just one module. Either way through interactive teaching that invites everyone’s participation, Pathways will enable you to make connections between Church and the world, between Sunday and the rest of the week, while enriching your spirituality and engaging you in mission. It is a flexible and practical package of learning opportunities – you can select any number of modules, building up study credits as you progress. It is designed to equip and inspire the ministries and mission of people serving Christ through local Baptist churches in Wales. The Pathways modules are delivered over a two year rolling programme. You can join in (or leave) at any point.

Some of the module options include:

Pathways into Worship
Exploring a holistic  approach to worship while developing a number of specific practical skills.

Pathways into the Bible
Exploring the story and meaning of the Bible and engaging with it today.

Pathways into Church Leadership
Exploring the practical skills needed for church leadership today, including conflict resolution.

Pathways into Preaching 
Exploring the art of sermon preparation and effective communication today.

Pathways into Mission and Evangelism
Exploring the biblical foundations for sharing in God’s mission and reflection on examples of good practice.

Pathways into Pastoral Care
Exploring pastoral care today, examining key problem issues, self awareness and basic counselling skills.

Pathways into Discipleship and Culture
Understanding the diversity of contemporary culture and exploring how we nurture Christ-like disciples within that world today.

For more information about Pathways see the information on the College’s website. For further info including costs, dates and locations, and an application form, please contact the College or email .