Covid-19 Guidelines for reopening church buildings

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Updated: 8 March 2022

Please find below guidelines for reopening our chapels based on the advice of Cytûn and the Welsh Government. We hope that the guidelines will be of assistance:

  • Before you decide to open the chapel, it is advisable for the Trustees and Deacons to undertake a thorough risk assessment.
  • At the end of the document, two examples of templates may be found that can be adapted for your own use.
  • Also provided below are examples of posters and signs that can be printed and placed in the chapel to ensure that social distancing and protective measures are maintained.

However, as of 28 February 2022 Wales has returned to Alert level 0. This means that the legal constraints on churches and chapels’ activity due to Covid-19 have mostly been lifted; there remain guidelines that should be adhered to. These are outlined in full here: COVID 19 – Briefing Paper – Eglwysi Ynghyd yng Nghymru | Churches Together in Wales (

Note that there is no longer a legal obligation to wear a face covering in places including places of worship and community centres when not being used for the above purposes, but Welsh Government continues to recommend doing so. Where a risk assessment (see below) concludes that face coverings should be worn during an activity (for example, while singing), a place of worship or centre may continue to enforce such a requirement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You should also refer to the Government’s website which contains up-to-date advice and guidance:

Useful documents and Signs