Covid-19 Church Insurance

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Updated: April 2020

It is now clear to everyone that we are in a very unusual and distressing time. It is not possible to maintain the usual services and activities in the churches, but it is heartening to see how members are overcoming this by using alternative ways of reaching each other and the community.

In addition to this there is a need to retain care of the buildings which have become unused. The Insurance companies have published specific information for the current circumstances and should act in accordance with the directions.

If you are insured with Ecclesiastical Insurance company, information is available on the following website:

There is a difference between “temporarily closed” and “unoccupied” buildings and the company continues to insure the buildings on the same terms as before.

If you keep an eye on an empty building and visit the site on a weekly basis, the company recognizes that it is not possible to do so given the current restrictions on individual movements. The insurance will remain valid even if the weekly visits cannot be carried out.

It should be pointed out that it is important to try to ensure that there is no threat to the site in terms of the danger of electricity, gas, water and if any damage or indication of entry into the premises occurs then it is necessary for you to inform the company.

If you have insured your property with a local company, contact the company and request their latest instructions.