Glyn Nest Care Home

Early in the nineteen forties, a group of women heard of the need for a homely residence with a Christian atmosphere for the elderly and infirm. Applications are welcome from anyone wishing to live in a Welsh Christian Home.

The Home was opened on the last Saturday in September 1970, and is located in a pleasant and convenient location for the town. Substantial extensions were completed in 1992 and 2009. It has capacity for 28 occupants, and includes beds for dementia sufferers and the mentally infirm. The building boasts an imposing foyer, spacious lounges, a visitor room, a lift and single bedrooms. The aim of the Home is to enable the occupants to live a fulfilling life. This is achieved by providing individual care, and ensuring, as far as possible, that the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of every resident are met, and their privacy and dignity respected. Nutritious meals are prepared daily by experienced chefs. Special diets are provided for according to need, as well as meals to suit individual tastes. Activities are arranged for the occupants according to their wishes. The experienced staff have National Vocational Qualifications, and newly appointed staff receive vocational training during the course of their work.  The occupants’ health is cared for by their GPs, with the assistance of NHS staff. Fees vary according to individual needs, and include all care and accommodation, food and drink, heating and light costs, and the costs for laundry processes on the premises.

The Home is managed by the Glyn Nest Trustee Company Limited, which is accountable to the Welsh Baptist Union Corporation. The House Committee members play an important part in the life of the Home.

Company No: 5940276. Charity No. 1160563. Telephone no.: O1239 710 950.

Mae Glyn Nest yma’n estyn – ei nodded
Inni’n nyddiau’r terfyn,
Hafan glyd ar fin y glyn,
Annedd hoff i’n hamddiffyn

Glyn Nest here extends – its refuge
To us at life’s end,
A sanctuary at the valley’s edge,
Beloved dwelling to protect us.)

Rev. Irfon Roberts

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