Who We Are

Who we are

We are a family of people and churches in Wales, seeking to follow Jesus together in 21st century Wales, while inheriting the rich history of Baptist witness in Wales. Established in 1866, the Baptist Union of Wales has over 300 Churches in membership who are based throughout Wales in 11 Associations.

Our aim is to support our members in their witness to Jesus in a challenging post Christian context. We do this by providing guidance and advice on mission and ministry along with opportunities for training and learning together. Relationships are important to us and meeting with each other for encouragement and support either through the Associations or Union are key to living out our Baptist faith.   

As a Union, we also help to facilitate advice in relation to buildings, trusteeships other matters concerning church organisation, property and land.

Our wider family

Within the United Kingdom we work closely with our sister Unions, the Baptist Union of Scotland, the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) and the Irish Baptist Network (IBN). This is reflected in the Fellowship of Baptists in Britain and Ireland (FBBI). The FBBI meets every year to share fellowship and hear reports from the collaborative work undertaken within the FBBI Mission Community and Ministry Forum.

 The Baptist Union of Great Britain has two Associations that work within Wales, namely the South Wales Baptist and North West Associations. A number of Baptist churches hold joint membership with these networks, hence our close relationships within areas of mission and ministry.

The Baptist Union of Wales is also member of Cytun (Churches together in Wales) and the Council of Free Churches in Wales.

The Baptist Union of Wales is part of the global Baptist family that is networked through the Baptist World Alliance. We are members of the European Baptist Federation and enjoy good links with our European brothers and sisters.