WALK! Wales & Zimbabwe

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WALK! Wales & Zimbabwe

From March to October 2024, we are calling on churches, individuals, and communities across Wales to join with us in an exciting challenge that will strengthen our connection with communities in Zimbabwe that are responding to the threat of Climate Change.

We are calling on the Baptist family (and beyond!) to join us as we walk the length of two nations: Wales and Zimbabwe (750+ miles)!

Talents of Hope

Our Talents of Hope appeal for 2023-24 connects Wales with agricultural communities in Zimbabwe that are being badly affected by Climate Change, the effect of epidemics, and long-term political and economic instability.

Christian Aid’s partners are doing critical work responding to these challenges through a project called BRACT (Building Resilience through improving the Absorptive and Adaptive Capacity for Transformation of at-risk communities), which aims to build climate resilience among agricultural communities in Zimbabwe.

This transformation was seen in Blessings Muzori’s life. Blessings went from a situation of intense hardship when she was almost forced to ‘beg for food from neighbours’ as a small-holder, to being a respected member in a local business, which has seen success in local markets due to the help of BRACT.

This year, there is an opportunity for each of us to join in this critical work in Zimbabwe, by joining our steps with our brothers and sisters, like Blessings, in Zimbabwe…

‘What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.’

Micah 6:8

750+ Miles across Two Nations

We are calling on the Baptist family, and our local communities, to commit to walking the number of miles it would take to cross the length of Wales and Zimbabwe: from one end of Wales to the other, and from one end of Zimbabwe to the other (750+ miles).


The walking challenge will run from mid-March until October, from Zimbabwe’s harvest time up until our harvest in Wales. The challenge will be launched on the 12th of March as the BUW staff kickstart the mileage in Carmarthen. 


We hope that this will strengthen the connection between the two nations, will raise awareness and support for the Talents of Hope appeal, and give fuel to our prayers as we ‘step into the shoes’ of our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe in a literal and symbolic way.

What do I have to do?

The challenge is simple… WALK!

From mid-March until October, we will keep track of the miles that will be walked from one month to another, and keep a record of where we are according to our target of 750+ miles across Wales and Zimbabwe.

So, we are calling churches, individuals and communities to: go for it!

How will the walking challenge work?

  • Anyone can take part: individuals, groups, churches, or members of the community! Every mile counts!
  • The miles will be counted per individual walker (e.g 5 individuals walking x 3 miles together = 15 miles altogether).
  • Sign up for the challenge below, and you will receive an email to input the number of miles you have walked.
  • Share images or stories with the Baptist Union of Wales on social media, with the hashtag #talentsofhopeWALK

How do I organize walks for the appeal?

  • You can organize a group walk (e.g to an interesting location or area of beauty nearby).
  • You can organize an individual walk.
  • Pledge to walk regularly over the period (e.g pledge to walk 10 additional miles per month for the appeal).
  • Turn a regular walk (e.g a walk to the shops) into a prayer walk, or a walk to raise awareness (e.g wearing the Zimbabwean flag colours!).

Walk in love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.’

Ephesians 5:2

How do I raise money?

There are many ways you can raise money…

  • You could sponsor your walks, or the number of miles that you walk (e.g you can personalise the Talents of Hope Justgiving page here for your own walking challenge).
  • You could add an entrance fee for a group walk in a worthwhile location, or ask for donations from those who join on the walk (send donations following the instructions here)
  • You could provide tasty refreshments or baked goods, and ask for a donation to enjoy them at the end of the walk, or organize an event at the end of the walk. (again, follow the giving instructions here)
  • You can use the appeal resources on our Talents of Hope and Giving and Fundraising page to inform people who attend of the work of Christian Aid’s partners in Zimbabwe, and how they can give towards the appeal.

All that’s left is to… go for it!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and X page over the next few months to hear the latest from the WALK! challenge, and stories and updates from our Talents of Hope appeal.