WALK! Wales & Zimbabwe

From mid-March to October 2024, we are calling on churches, individuals, and communities across Wales to join with us in an exciting challenge that will strengthen our connection with agricultural communities in Zimbabwe

From March to October 2024, we are calling on the Baptist family (and beyond!) in Wales to join with us in a challenge to walk 750+ miles that will strengthen our connection with agricultural communities in Zimbabwe, and to raise support for our 2023-34 Talents of Hope Appeal.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a period of drought this year, and communities have undergone immense hardship after years of political instability, economic sanctions, and the effects of Climate Change.

We are calling on the Baptist family to join us as we walk the length of two nations: Wales and Zimbabwe (750+ miles), in order to physically and symbolically ‘join our steps’ with communities in Zimbabwe, and to raise support for the work of Christian Aid’s partners in the country.

Christian Aid’s partners are doing critical work in Zimbabwe through a project called BRACT (Building Resilience through improving the Absorptive and Adaptive Capacity for Transformation of at-risk communities), which aims to build resilience among agricultural communities in Zimbabwe.

The transformation brought about by BRACT was seen in Blessings Muzori’s life. When the unpredictable climate made farming a struggle, Blessings Muzori and her family life difficult.

When her husband moved away to work in the city, Blessings had to live from day to day and she was almost on the verge of ‘begging for food from neighbours’. Growing crops was difficult, and even when there was success, getting a decent price from local markets was tricky.

But, through the help of BRACT, Blessings started a local business alongside a local savings and lending group, which has seen success in local markets thanks to guidance and equipment provided through the help of BRACT. Blessings has also learned new farming techniques which have transformed things for her farming business, and in general things are much better since then.

This year, there is an opportunity for each of us to join in this critical work in Zimbabwe, by joining our steps with those like Blessings, in Zimbabwe…

How can I get stuck in?

The challenge is simple… WALK!

From the mid-March until October, we will keep track of the miles that will be walked from one month to another, and keep a record of where we are according to our target of 750+ miles across Wales and Zimbabwe.

Simply fill in this form to sign up for the challenge, and to input your planned miles.

To find out more about how to get involved, visit our WALK! Wales & Zimbabwe page here.

The challenge will be officially launched on the 12th of March as the BUW staff kickstart our mileage in Carmarthen. Keep an eye out on our social media for updates on the day!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and X page over the next few months to hear the latest from the WALK! challenge, and stories and updates from our Talents of Hope appeal.


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