My internship year of growth

Mia has been doing an internship at the Gomer and Seion chapels, Swansea, over the past year. We took the opportunity to ask her about the year…. 

Since last September I have been doing  a number of different things as part of my internship; sessions at Gomer and Seion chapels’ services, a weekly study every Monday and Thursday evening, mentoring sessions with Elen and Hannah from the church  and weekly sessions with Derek  (the minister). I have loved having so much time to study and focus on my relationship with God over the last 10 months. 

Over the course of the year I’ve studied a number of books and topics: 

  1. Cross-examined is a book that looks at different aspects of the cross.  
  1. Taking God at his word: This is a book that talks about the nature of God’s word and how it affects how we see it. 
  1. How to Pray is a book that goes through what it is to pray and how to  do so biblically. 

With Elen, we studied the Bible. We read and discussed Philippians, Galatians, James, Ruth and 2 Corinthians. Then with Hannah we went through Stay Salt : a book that discusses different aspects of the gospel, such as people’s attitudes towards the gospel, challenges we can face in how to share the gospel in a “post Christian” culture and so on. It inspired a lot of conversations about our personal experiences and how we learn and adapt for the next time we share the gospel. In the sessions with Derek we looked at different types of theology such as Biblical Theology, Christology  and Trinitarian Theology. I’ve also been doing written tasks to prepare for the sessions. 

In doing this internship my understanding of God and the Bible has grown so much. My own  relationship and dependence on God have grown and I have grown in my practical ability in areas such as discussing the Bible, explaining the Bible and sharing the Bible. Because of the internship I’m in a better place to live life as a Christian but also to do the work God is calling me to such as preaching, sharing God’s word and serving the church. 

Are you, or someone you know, wondering about working in ministry in the future? Our internship programme is open to enquiries at any point in the year – details here.


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