Resolution on Ukraine

“The Joint Council of the Baptist Union of Wales is horrified at Russia’s attack on the citizens of Ukraine. We note with appreciation that NATO has restrained from using military weapons against the Russian army and has used non-violent methods to demonstrate its anger and fierce opposition to this war.   

We call on Russia to leave Ukraine immediately, through writing to the Russian Embassy and congratulate every effort in Wales and beyond to extend humanitarian support to the refugees who have left Ukraine, along with the provision of medicine and food to those who are suffering in the country.     

The UK should ensure a straightforward mechanism for Ukrainian citizens who are seeking refuge in our midst and should assist in establishing refugee centres of a decent standard in the countries close to Ukraine.   

We encourage the churches of our union to pray for peace, to organize financial collections urgently, either through the D.E.C. or BMS, so as to identify ourselves with those who are suffering following this military attack.”

This resolution was passed on 23rd March by the Joint Council of the Baptist Union of Wales, a representative body for Baptist Associations and Churches across Wales, and will be sent to the UK and Welsh Governments.


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