Prayer for mission and ministry

The pandemic is still hitting us all hard, effecting everything from family life to railway logistics. As life changes around us, the work of churches serving their communities and sharing Jesus with them is more important than ever. Over 40 churches from across the country have joined us on a missional journey for the past year and a half as we have explored together what it could look like to be a faith-filled presence pointing to Jesus in our communities in these changed times and beyond. But as the Ethos and Explore courses continue, and other churches across the country also continue trying new things in these challenging times, it is essential that we undergird everything with prayer.

So if you would like to join a group of people from across Wales to pray for mission and ministry in our country on a regular basis, you’re warmly invited to join us on zoom once a month on a Tuesday lunchtime. We will pray from 1pm for 30 minutes every Tuesday that Explore is scheduled, using this zoom link each time:

Meeting ID: 821 0258 3626

The year’s dates for Explore and these prayer times are here (and you are still welcome to join us half way through the year’s course!): Explore – The Baptist Union of Wales (


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