Opposition to Govt’s Rwanda policy

A statement by the Baptist Union of Wales on the British Government’s policy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda:

The Baptist Union of Wales opposes the Westminster’s Government policy of sending refugees to Rwanda. These people are seeking a safe life and a haven so as to re-establish their lives having fled from war, persecution and atrocities beyond our imagination. Many countries in Europe have already opened their doors to thousands of refugees, and we deplore the irresponsible and immoral way in which the current administration at Westminster has planned to transport refugees to Rwanda.  

Fair and humane plans that are both legal and safe are required between Britain and the countries of Europe so as to defeat the people traffickers who are taking advantage of these helpless refugees. The response of the people of the countries of Britain to the Ukrainian refugees has demonstrated compassion and exceptional generosity. It is the privilege of our communities to extend a welcoming and inclusive response and not to treat them like animals.  We call on the Government of Westminster to reconsider their plans immediately and to welcome those who are seeking safe refuge in Britain. 


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