New Life in Montgomeryshire

We were delighted to hear of a number of baptisms in the last few weeks in rural chapels in Montgomeryshire. Each of them took place in the preferred way in that group of chapels by immersion in local streams! Maggie Rich, minister at one of them, picks up the tale: 

On a beautiful warm and sunny September Sunday afternoon, family, friends and church members gathered in the field down by the brook to witness Andrew’s baptism. Round the edge of the field, several farming families stood on “cattle watch” to deter the cows from coming too close to investigate what was going on. Crystal clear water rippled over the stones and flowed into the pool.  

As Andrew knelt there was an expectant hush – the only sound being the music of the water and birdsong in the trees. After confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Son of God and his personal Saviour, Andrew was baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As he came up out of the water Andrew raised His face to the heavens and whispered, “Thank you, Lord.” 

Dripping, but gloriously happy, Andrew headed for the tractor shed to dry off and everyone made their way back to the village chapel, where we celebrated communion and Andrew was received into membership of the church. 

As Baptists, we believe in Baptism by immersion when a disciple decides to make a public commitment of faith in the Lord Jesus – and that this is not the culmination of the believer’s spiritual journey but an important milestone and one which our churches are built upon. Join us in praying for Andrew and his church, as well as all the churches in rural Montgomeryshire, witnessing to Jesus. 


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