Gap year programme – relaunch!

“I have learnt so much over the year about Christian life, what it means to be on mission and how that looks in day-to-day life” 

(Action Wales Team participant 2019)  

Do you remember a time when something just clicked in you about church life? The realization that things would always be a little messy, and that that was ok – that is how God works? Those formative moments are so essential for our growth as Christians, and if we can have those experiences as young adults they can set us up for a lifetime of service. 

There is an urgent need in Wales to invest in the next generation of younger Christian leaders and we need your help to challenge, inspire and invite this generation to see all God has made them to be. Following the success of recent years, the Baptist Union of Wales is once again looking to invest in this younger generation by offering a gap year program to train and equip a team of three or four young people to experience missional living alongside the local church.   

This gap year will include a careful balance of training, practical hands on mission experience in Wales through a local church, a cross-cultural mission experience, spiritual growth and of course loads of fun! Could you encourage young Christians you know to explore a gap-year which will help to grow their confidence, build up their Christian faith, develop their unique gifts and allow them to find out more about God’s heart for Wales and the wider World? 

  • Do you know a young person who might be interested in the next Action Wales Team? 
  • Do you have young people looking to strengthen their faith and develop their gifts? 
  • Do you have young people in your church that might be interested in Action Wales in 2022 or in the future? 

The Action Wales Team is a gap-year program for Christian young adults between the ages of 19 and 25 that: – 

  • Connects them with a large group of like-minded young people from across Wales 
  • Provides training and mentoring to give them the confidence to step out of their comfort zone knowing there are people around to support them. 
  • Offers them the practical experience of working alongside local churches who are getting to grips with the reality of mission in Wales. 
  • Takes them overseas toexperience a different culture and to see what mission looks in that context.  
  • Allows young people to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ by putting their faith into action in a radical way 

Full details about the programme as well as an application form are available from this page

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young” 1 Timothy 4:12 


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