2021 Baptisms

We believe in celebrating what God is doing, and at the end of a year containing plenty of challenges for us all, this is a good opportunity to look back in thanks.

In 2021, 15 believers were baptized for the first time in Baptist churches across Wales, from small villages to large towns. Some, like Sian in Cardigan, had been associated with the chapel for some years, but had not been baptized. Others, such as Martha and Guilhem of Penuel, Carmarthen grew up in the chapel and had reached a place where they wanted to make a public statement of their own faith in the Lord Jesus. Others still, like Dominic from Canada, had come to faith abruptly after decades as a non-resident. And there are many more.

Each story is different, but behind each one lies the work of the Holy Spirit warming hearts towards Jesus, and the desire of ordinary people in response to that to declare that they are now disciples of a new Master

Merry Christmas to you all!


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