Timothy Richard Appeal

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In 2019 the Baptist Union of Wales marked the centenary of the death of one of our greatest missionaries – Timothy Richard.

Timothy Richard is a Welsh hero, though many of our people do not know his name. His heroism was in the service of Jesus Christ and the service of his neighbour in a foreign land. Hailing from Carmarthenshire, Timothy Richard was sent by the Baptist Missionary Society to China in 1869 and is widely regarded as one of the most pioneering missionaries of his time, and his legacy is still evident in the mission work of BMS World Mission today. He played an important part in combating the Great Famine of 1876-1879 in China, and set up a Western-Chinese university in China and was passionate about the role education could play in averting and alleviating suffering. He was so respected by the Chinese authorities, for his passion, his compassion and his respect for their culture, that he was awarded the Order of the Double Dragon.

Welsh churches need Welsh heroes. Christians who have made a difference, pioneers who can inspire our fellowships to better serve our God and love our neighbour – wherever they may be.

Celebrate Richard’s legacy and carry on his pioneering mission work by supporting BMS World Mission’s life-changing work with Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

What Welsh churches can do to help is simple: 

  • Take up a special offering in your church for the Timothy Richard Appeal
  • Share the inspiring video and PowerPoint about Timothy Richard and BMS work with Syrian refugee children in your service
  • Use the PowerPoint to introduce your church to the children they will help, and use the ‘How to get involved’ ideas and video to inspire them
  • Visit www.bmsworldmission.org/BUWappeal to get even more resources

As we continue to remember the life and work of Timothy Richard, we are asking the Baptist churches of Wales  that supported him over 100 years ago to support a cause we believe would be dear to his heart: providing education to children from a country most of them will never visit, torn apart by disaster. 

You, personally, could help children like Gabi and Maher, two Syrian boys who live in a tent and who haven’t seen their home in Syria for years because of the war. They are in Lebanon now – a country roughly half the size of Wales, which has taken in 1.5 million refugees. You can help them, and people like them all over the world, by involving your church in the Timothy Richard Appeal and in asking your fellowship to give generously.

The work BMS World Mission is already doing in a learning centre outside Beirut is changing these children’s lives and giving them hope. Working with the Church in Lebanon, Christ’s love is being made practical and the gift of education is being given to people in the name of Jesus. It’s a cause Timothy Richard, who led the first major overseas humanitarian appeal to British Christians to help victims of a Chinese famine, would approve of.

We believe that if churches like yours across Wales come together in faith, God will be able to do great things with their giving. We could make a real difference to more children like Gabi and Maher, if together we raise £40,000. I believe we can do it! And I believe we should.

Even in these uncertain times, we believe in a God of hope. Will you join with other churches in our family and do your best to make the Timothy Richard Appeal even more successful than we can imagine? Will you use your influence to inspire others to help these children?

Please join us in celebrating a true Welsh hero in a truly Christian way.

Please help us to make a difference.